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Use of Site

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Trade Marks

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Liability Disclaimer & Exclusion

BookMyTaxi makes arrangements with third-party vendors, such as, but not limited to hotels, car rental agencies, tour operators, activities suppliers. BookMyTaxi has no control over and assumes no liability for the actions of the third-party vendors from whom it obtains travel products or services.

Except as expressly stated herein, BookMyTaxi assumes no responsibility for actions relating to travel services beyond the control of BookMyTaxi  or its employees.

In no event shall BookMyTaxi be responsible for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage, however arising and whether in contract, tort or otherwise, which you may suffer in connection with or arising out of: 
* your use of the Site or any Linked Website; or * your use of or reliance on Information or any other material accessed through the Site including via any Linked Website; including without limitation, loss or damage by way of loss of profits, loss of business opportunity, business interruption or loss of information. These Conditions do not purport to exclude liability arising by any applicable law if, and to the extent, such liability cannot be lawfully excluded, however, to the extent permitted by law, all warranties, terms or conditions which would otherwise be implied into these Conditions are hereby excluded. Where applicable law implies any warranty, term or condition, and that law prohibits exclusion or modification of the application of or the liability of BookMyTaxi under, any such warranty, term or condition, then the liability of BookMyTaxi shall include liability for that warranty, term or condition but such liability will be limited for a breach of that warranty, term or condition to one or more of the following: 
if the breach relates to services, the supply of the services again or payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.


The reservations feature of the Site is provided solely to assist customers in determining the availability of travel related services and products and to make legitimate reservations and for no other purpose. You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age, possess the legal authority to enter into the legal agreement constituted by your acceptance of these Conditions and to use the Site in accordance with such Conditions. You agree to be financially responsible for your use of the Site including without limitation for all reservations made by you or on your account for you, whether authorized by you or not. For any reservations or other services for which fees may be charged you agree to abide by the terms or conditions of supply including without limitation payment of all moneys due under such terms or conditions. 
The Site contains details of Package charges (including any available SPECIAL PROMOTIONS). Terms and conditions of booking are set out on the Site and payment will be in accordance with the procedure set out in such terms and conditions. No contract will subsist between you and BookMyTaxi or any of its affiliates in respect of any services or products offered through the Site unless and until BookMyTaxi accepts your order by e-mail or automated confirmation through the Site confirming that it has accepted your reservation, booking or order and any such contract shall be deemed to incorporate the reservation terms and conditions of booking. Any other relevant terms and conditions relating to particular services or products are set out in the Site. You undertake that all details you provide to in connection with any services or products which may be offered by BookMyTaxi on the Site (including hotel room reservations) will be correct and, where applicable, the credit card which you use is your own and that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of any services or products which you wish to purchase. BookMyTaxi reserves the right to obtain validation of your credit card details before providing you with any services or products.

Booking Policy:

  • To confirm the bookings, an advance amount needs to be paid by the customer. The advance amount is based on the trip estimated cost and will be adjusted against the final amount payable at the end of the trip.
  • For every confirmed booking, a car will be allotted within 24 hours before the trip. The customer will get an email and SMS with the car and driver details after the allotment.
  • Booking confirmation email or its print out is necessary to show at the time of boarding.
  • For booking amendment, customer can reach us on 'booking@bookmytaxi.co'.
  • Any booking amendment will be treated as per the cancellation policy.
  • Modification can be done after the starting the trip at the discretion of BookMyTaxi.co
  • Balance payment is to be done to driver in cash at the time of boarding. 

Cancellation Policy:

·         For cancellation request, reach us on 'booking@bookmytaxi.co'.

  • In case the cancellation request is confirmed upto 72 hours before the pick up time, 7% of the advance amount paid will be retained. Rest of the amount will be refunded.
  • In case the cancellation request is confirmed within 72 hours before the pick up time, 20% of the total booking amount will be considered as cancellation charge.

·         Refund will be processed within 5 working days once cancellation request is confirmed.

·         Refund amount will be credited back to payment source of the advance payment only and not in cash or any other bank account.

Security & Non Confidentiality

BookMyTaxi does not warrant and cannot ensure the security or confidentiality of any information which you transmit to BookMyTaxi. Accordingly, any information which you transmit to BookMyTaxi is transmitted at your own risk.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The laws in force in India govern these Conditions and you agree to submit to the exclusive  jurisdiction of the courts of India.

Special instructions

1) Driver & car details will be sent to you by us approximately before an hour from the pick-up time by SMS, and email, In some cases, the driver or an associate of BookMyTaxi may also call in advance to reconfirm trip details with the you.

2) Reservation confirmation email clearly indicates the inclusions on your reservation. Any amount over and above this both in terms for distance and duration and other items such as night charges, driver allowance, toll, taxes, state taxes, charges on for extra Kms consumed if applicable, charges for extra hours consumed if applicable, parking charges, other surcharges if applicable etc which are not included in the reservation amount have to be paid directly to the driver as mentioned in confirmation email.

In case of any dispute with the driver, you should reach out to us via phone / email and provide reservation number along with your complaint.

3) Any extra charges applicable have to be paid to the directly in cash to the driver.

Use of Taxi

The following Terms & Conditions shall apply to traveller utilizing the Services offered by BookMyTaxi for the hiring of taxi:

·         The traveller shall pay the cab fare, parking charges, toll charges, state taxes, additional night surcharge (where applicable) etc. and any fee or levy presently payable or hereinafter imposed by the law or required to be paid for availing of the cab Services.

·         The traveller agrees and accepts that the use of the Services provided by the BookMyTaxi is at the sole risk of the Customer, and further acknowledges that the Company disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.

The traveller also agrees to that:

·         the cab will not be used for wedding, reception or party purposes where the cab needs to be decorated. Please call our call centre for such services.

·         extra charge may be levied for certain destinations and / or routes especially through hilly or mountainous areas and / or char dham yatra and / or Hemkunt Sahib.

·         extra night driving charges may be levied if the driver is asked to drive between 10PM to 6AM.

·         air conditioner may be switched off if taxi is traveling through hilly or mountainous areas.

·         the taxi engine may be switched off while waiting.

The traveller shall ensure that he/she will not indulge in any of the following activities while in a taxi:

·         Smoking or consuming any kind of intoxicants inside the taxi. The driver has the right to refuse the pick-up or ask the customer to alight the taxi if the customer is found to be in an intoxicated state or is found misbehaving with other travellers or the driver, or is causing a nuisance.

·         Littering the taxi

·         Soiling or damaging the seats and/or any other interiors of the taxi.

·         Misusing, soiling or damaging any of the devices (technical/non-technical) in the taxi.

·         Asking the driver to break any Traffic/RTO/City Police and/or government rules for any purpose. The driver has the right to refuse such a request by the traveller. The driver also has the right to refuse such a pick-up or ask such traveller (s) to alight from the cab.

·         Pressurizing the driver to overload the boot space of the taxi with luggage. The traveller shall not be generally allowed to use the seating area of the taxi for placing any kind of luggage.

·         The traveller agrees and acknowledges that the use of the Services offered by BookMyTaxi is at the sole risk of the traveller and that BookMyTaxi disclaims all representations and warranties of any kind, whether express or implied as to condition, suitability, quality, merchantability and fitness for any purposes are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Without prejudice to the above, the BookMyTaxi makes no representation or warranty that:

·         the Services will meet the traveller's requirements;

·         the Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.

BookMyTaxi will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of the Service offered by the BookMyTaxi, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

If any passenger if misses the train or flight or bus, BookMyTaxi will not be liable for any compensation. The customer shall make an alternate arrangement if the taxi has not reached due to any reason.

The BookMyTaxi is hereby authorized to use the location based information provided by any of the telecommunication companies when the traveller uses the mobile phone to make a taxi booking. The location based information will be used only to facilitate and improve the probability of locating a taxi for the Traveller.

The BookMyTaxi shall be entitled at any time without giving any reason to terminate the booking of taxis done by the traveller.

We encourage all our customers to take full responsibility of his/her items. In case of lost items inside the taxi during the journey, we will try to locate the items on a "best-effort" basis but is not responsible for the same in case of loss or damage to the same.

If the traveller leaves any goods in the taxi or has any complaint in respect of the Services or the use of the taxi, the traveller has to inform BookMyTaxi of the same in writing within 4 hours of using the taxi or the Services of BookMyTaxi.

The BookMyTaxi shall not be liable for any conduct of the drivers of the cabs. However, the BookMyTaxi encourages you to notify it of any complaints that you may have against the driver of any cab that you may have hired using the BookMyTaxi 's Services.

All the calls made to the BookMyTaxi call centre can be recorded by the BookMyTaxi for quality and training purposes.

Many vehicles registered with the BookMyTaxi are continuously tracked using GPS for security reasons only.

It is expressly made clear to you hereby that the BookMyTaxi does not own any taxis nor does it directly or indirectly employ any drivers for the taxis. Taxis and drivers are all supplied by third parties and the BookMyTaxi disclaims any and all liability in respect of the drivers and the taxis alike.

The BookMyTaxi have right to use the customer contact information for its own marketing purposes. The BookMyTaxi may send regular SMS updates to the mobile numbers registered with it.