Covid Instructions

We care for the safety of our passengers

Instructions for Customers

  1. Customers must wear a face covering whilst in the taxi, unless for essential reasons.
  2. Customers are not allowed to use Taxi if they or anyone in their household have had coronavirus symptoms in the last 14 days.
  3. Occupants above 65 years or below 10 years should avoid to use Taxi.
  4. Where possible, customers should sit in the back of the vehicle and face away from driver.
  5. Luggage of the customers should be kept in boot by them.
  6. If Customers need help from driver with luggage or shopping, they should keep their distance, where possible. Driver can do this by asking customer to leave their bags at the back of the vehicle and then step away so driver can load them.
  7. Avoid skin to skin contact at all times.
  8. Avoid cash payments and prefer digital payments, where possible.

 Instructions being followed by Taxi Drivers

  1. Drivers will wear a mask while venturing out.
  2. While keeping luggage, driver will pop the boot open from inside of the vehicle, if possible.
  3. Avoid skin to skin contact at all times.
  4. Driver will sanitize his hands before and after he gets into the vehicle and before he touches a customer’s luggage.
  5. Always keep the windows open when there is a passenger in the vehicle to help with ventilation. If Air-condition is on, it can only be used in “fresh air mode”.
  6. Drivers will sanitise their vehicles before the start of each trip, especially the most touch surfaces like the seat, door handle, window adjuster. 

Important Notes:

  1. New or changes in the Government Guidelines will be applicable as and when effective without prior intimation.
  2. If any of the area of visit or intermittent areas are declared as containment zone, change of route or cancellation of trip will be applicable as per the rules of the company.
  3. If any of the passenger or driver is observed with COVID -19 symptoms, s/he will be consulted with the Health Care Centre on the urgent basis.