Some people prefer travelling by car, while others prefer flights or trains. There is no doubt that travelling by car has a lot of benefits. So, here we are sharing with you some of the advantages of traveling by car.


You can make unexpected stops because you are on your own schedule. Take a break at cafe by the side of road. Hence, you can stop your car anywhere you want. You don’t have to jump off at a stop to grab something from a train station, or bus.

Time saving:

Waiting for a bus are really time wasting. cars are always available and you can go by car anywhere you want. Also, buses travels very rarely in small villages or town. People have to wait for a long time to reach the destination.


Car or taxi are easily available you don’t need to make reservation like for train.

Better Views:

By car, you can see beautiful hills, villages and small towns in your journey. You can stop anywhere to click awesome pictures. Also, window view is a big plus.

Money Saving:

Travelling by car can save money. Because you are paying some fix amount for group of people, while in any other transportation you have to pay for per person, which will turn in big amount.

Driver works as a guide:

Mostly taxi drivers are locality and aware about the local places, point of interest, restaurants and routes. He can work as a travel guide for you.


If you are traveling with an elderly person or a child then traveling by car will give more convenience & comfort for both the elderly/child and the companions.

It will avoid any possible hassles that may cause some issues with you and the co-passengers.

Other transportation cannot take you from door to door and places to places. You will need a bus or taxi to take you to the railway station. But car/taxi will pick you up from your door.

 You can move to exact places you want to go.

Sharing your space with unknowns:

People choose car while traveling with family or friends because they don’t want to share their personal space with unknowns like in train or bus.

Traveling by car will be your best option. What do you think?

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